Thursday, August 26, 2010

September visit?

Disney World in September?  I have still not made up my mind if I am going to go there in September.  And when I say September, I mean the 7-11... soon! 

My son and I are already going October 25 - 30 for the Mickey's Not so Scary.  We are so excited to visit the park for the Halloween season again this year.  I hope that this year's parade view will include a much better spot for viewing the parade than we had last year.  My view last year of the Headless Horseman lasted about 3 seconds!  And it was such an awesome display, I hated to only have 3 seconds to have seen it!  This year, I plan on being poised in the best place as I have heard that in front of the Hall of Presidents is that location.  We will see! 
As for the September trip or maybe non-trip, I have the tickets to fly there.  I really want to go on both occasions!  But is that an overkill?

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