Sunday, August 29, 2010

Relaxations found in EPCOT

I have always been on a mission. I want to get in the parks, run to my favorite attraction, see it to its fullest and then get to my next favorite attraction on my list. I love touring this way! I get to see so many things in less time. But really, at some point during the day I seem to hit a wall. I lose my stride, so to speak. And when touring EPCOT, this always seems to happen just at the right time, as I enter the Japan pavilion! As I am coming around the World Showcase Lagoon, I grab a latte in Italy at the kiosk, then continue my walk around to Japan (only visiting The American Adventure every now and again).

As I enter Japan, I love to stand and admire the architecture and beauty provided by the lush bamboo, Japanese maples, koi ponds and monkey puzzle trees. The colors used in the architecture make me slow down dramatically and wish I could travel to Japan one day. As I write this and look over the photo of the Pagoda, I realize that my bedroom furnishings are all done in these exact colors. Wow, my love for Disney is sneaking into my psyche!

And if I walk up to Japan at the right time, I see the Matsuriza Taiko drummers. I find this to be a great way to be relaxingly entertained. (Unlike the show in China where the performers make me nervous and anxious!)

The koi pond is absolutely peaceful. And if you look really carefully, you will find a Hidden Mickey there!

Too bad it cannot be seen from this photo! But maybe looking for this will give you an excite to visit EPCOT soon;)

I thoroughly enjoy the Mitsukoshi department store. They have so many items that I have never seen before each time I return. Of course, there are regular favorites from my childhood in their Hello Kitty selection! And do not miss the back of the store! There are all sorts of nice dishware for both suishi lovers and children. I have entire sets of plates and cups from Japan for my son. He loves eating on them and specifically asks for them at mealtime! Oh, and the candy is not to be missed, with a variety that far surpasses other “normal” candy stores! Check it out on your next trip!

After shopping, I head into the Japan Tin Toy Display. While I rarely see many changes or updates to this exhibit, I am always fascinated by these rare toys and wish I could play with them just long enough to understand what each of these antiques “do”. Does that tin toy walk, throw a ball or just look so adorable?!? Check that exhibit out! It really is worth the time! About the time I finish the Tin Toys Display, my latte has properly caffeinated me and I am feeling ready to explore the rest of the World Showcase!

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